Coach Information

All Coaches (maximum 3 per team) must submit photos (preferably a head and shoulder photo) for their photo identifications for the tournament. You may submit your photos here. You are allowed more coaches, but they will have to pay for their pass. 3 photo ID's will be issued, extras will receive wristbands. Please only send in 3 photo's. Please include name of person, team and age group. Extra coaches will receive a wristband instead of photo ID. Available at team check-in or at gate.

Team packets will be given to a designated team Mom at team check in and will include maps, coupons and other pertinent information for the World Series. Email updates are regularly sent out as well, so please make sure you are receiving them once you enter the tournament.

We will also have a texting program during the tournament for updates and any changes that have to be made. When it is available, I will post the link.